Decorative style of coastal and beach airs. We use elements that evoke warm beaches so you can experience its beauty outside or inside the hotel.
In this style elements typical of the mid-century modern, art deco and even industrial style are mixed. It is essentially a luxurious, elegant and even a bit extravagant look. Feel like a royal in these environments.
The Moroccan style has Arabic, French and Spanish influence. It comes from Morocco, and is based on the ornamental wealth of its tonalities and the particular and sumptuous furniture. Enjoy these spaces.
These rooms combine the current aesthetics, versatility and functionality. It is an elegant model and at the same time extremely easy to merge in.
The colors used for this oriental theme are based on mother earth and nature. They offer tranquility and elegance as well as a relaxed, unique and unsurpassed atmosphere.
A very unique theme, incorporating furniture and elements with wood and avant-garde accessories that will make you feel fresh and comfortable.